Build, Launch, and grow you venture startup Training

Venture building introduction

​​Understand the basics of venture building and know what it takes to build a long-term operational plan.

Business planning and strategies

It’s all about business planning! Learn how to develop and execute strategies to gain competitive advantage and improve your position in the marketplace. Identifying the basic instructions for business planning from experienced business developer.
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Product development and management

Go beyond the basics with product development and management courses. Learn how to deal with the central challenges and the processes, tools and techniques that are involved in the design and development of new products.
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Go To Market strategies and roadmaps

Learn how to deliver unique value proposition and build a plan that can make the customer engage and buy your product or service.
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Growth and scaling roadmaps

A roadmap that works. Learn proven marketing strategies and tactics to increase your sales & grow your business. Moreover, how to scale your business and avoid the common mistakes that most entrepreneurs fall into.
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Optimizing for investments.

Optimizing for investments.




Incubators Employee


Venture Capital

Anyone want to build he’s Ventur, Start up, or Business

Time: 6 Weeks.
Price: 10,000 $.

About The Trainer
Yahia Kordy.

During my 16-year career as a Business Development, Product, and Growth Manager, I worked with various companies, providing training and consulting to help them grow. Furthermore, I conceptualized and developed growth strategies and tactics for acquisition, activation, and retention via various channels.

In addition, I led and influenced international cross-functional teams of business and technical stakeholders based in Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Egypt, Sweden, London, and Jordan. 

Educational apps, delivery apps, marketplaces, eCommerce, group buying apps, daily deal apps, and marketing technology platforms are just a few examples.


Yahia Kordy